NUUK Mobility Solutions is established to satisfy the demand of high quality electric mobility products design and development in accordance with European standards. From this premise, a broad business model is envisioned, which target is to respond to the current evolution of the light vehicle / mobility binomial within the eMobility framework. We deeply understand the world of light vehicle, user typologies and, in addition, we are aware of the main environment changes (social / regulatory / technological).

We understand that to successfully reach our target market, through the trinomial “time-cost-quality”, the process of launching new products is a critical phase. An accurate design process and then automotive industry specific design and development process, leaded by a professional and experienced team, is a key issue to deliver high quality and design solutions.

Furthermore, knowing the importance of a dependable long-term maintenance service (private/fleets), we rely on the support of an extensive network of partners who count on the required infrastructure to provide a trustworthy service. We are a specialized, highly motivated, ambitious and with great work capacity team.